August 19th All Events

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August 19th, 2043 (August 19 2043)EventOctavian, later known as Augustus, compels the senate to elect him Consul.
August 19th, 2014 (August 19 2014)DeathAugustus, Roman Emperor (born in 63 BC)
August 19th, 2005 (August 19 2005)EventThe first-ever joint military exercise between Russia and China, called Peace Mission 2005 begins.
August 19th, 2005 (August 19 2005)EventA series of strong storms lash Southern Ontario spawning several tornadoes as well as creating extreme flash flooding within the city of Toronto and its surrounding communities. In Toronto, it is also dubbed as the Toronto Supercell.
August 19th, 2005 (August 19 2005)DeathBueno de Mesquita, Dutch comedian and actor (born in 1918)
August 19th, 2003 (August 19 2003)EventA car-bomb attack on United Nations headquarters in Iraq kills the agency s top envoy Sergio Vieira de Mello and 21 other employees.
August 19th, 2003 (August 19 2003)EventA Hamas planned suicide attack on a bus in Jerusalem kills 23 Israelis, 7 of them children in the Jerusalem bus 2 massacre.
August 19th, 2003 (August 19 2003)DeathCarlos Roberto Reina, President of Honduras (born in 1926)
August 19th, 2003 (August 19 2003)DeathSergio Vieira de Mello, Brazilian diplomat (born in 1948)
August 19th, 2002 (August 19 2002)EventA Russian Mi-26 helicopter carrying troops is hit by a Chechen missile outside of Grozny, killing 118 soldiers.
August 19th, 2001 (August 19 2001)DeathDonald Woods, South African journalist and anti-apartheid activist (born in 1933)
August 19th, 2001 (August 19 2001)DeathBetty Everett, American singer and pianist (born in 1939)
August 19th, 2000 (August 19 2000)DeathAntonio Pugliese, Italian professional wrestler (born in 1941)
August 19th, 2000 (August 19 2000)DeathBineshwar Brahma, Bodo literateur and religious figure (birth date unknown)
August 19th, 1999 (August 19 1999)EventIn Belgrade, tens of thousands of Serbians rally to demand the resignation of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia President Slobodan Milosevic.
August 19th, 1998 (August 19 1998)BirthElla Guevara, Filipino child actress
August 19th, 1997 (August 19 1997)EventThe Teamsters end their 15-day walkout against United Parcel Service.
August 19th, 1995 (August 19 1995)DeathPierre Schaeffer, French composer (born in 1910)
August 19th, 1994 (August 19 1994)DeathLinus Pauling, American chemist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Peace (born in 1901)Linus Pauling Quotes
August 19th, 1991 (August 19 1991)EventCollapse of the Soviet Union, August Coup: Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev placed under house arrest while on holiday in the town of Foros, Crimea.
August 19th, 1991 (August 19 1991)EventHurricane Bob hits the Northeast.
August 19th, 1990 (August 19 1990)EventLeonard Bernstein conducts his final concert, ending with Ludwig van Beethoven s Symphony No. 7.Ludwig van Beethoven Quotes
August 19th, 1989 (August 19 1989)EventPolish president Wojciech Jaruzelski nominates Solidarity activist Tadeusz Mazowiecki to be the first non-communist Prime Minister in 42 years.
August 19th, 1989 (August 19 1989)EventRaid on offshore pirate station, Radio Caroline in North Sea by British and Dutch governments.
August 19th, 1989 (August 19 1989)BirthRomeo, American rapper
August 19th, 1988 (August 19 1988)BirthTravis Tedford, American actor
August 19th, 1987 (August 19 1987)EventHungerford Massacre: In the United Kingdom, Michael Ryan kills sixteen people with an assault rifle and then commits suicide.
August 19th, 1987 (August 19 1987)BirthAnais Lameche, Swedish singer (Play)
August 19th, 1987 (August 19 1987)BirthIleana D Cruz, Indian actress
August 19th, 1987 (August 19 1987)BirthRichard Stearman, English footballer
August 19th, 1986 (August 19 1986)BirthSaori Kimura, Japanese volleyball player
August 19th, 1986 (August 19 1986)DeathHermione Baddeley, English actress (born in 1906)
August 19th, 1985 (August 19 1985)BirthMegan Rochell, American singer
August 19th, 1984 (August 19 1984)BirthMicah Alberti, American actor
August 19th, 1984 (August 19 1984)BirthAlessandro Matri, Italian footballer
August 19th, 1984 (August 19 1984)BirthRyan Taylor, English footballer
August 19th, 1983 (August 19 1983)BirthMissy Higgins, Australian singer-songwriter
August 19th, 1983 (August 19 1983)BirthJohn McCargo, American football player
August 19th, 1983 (August 19 1983)BirthTammin Sursok, Australian actress & singer
August 19th, 1983 (August 19 1983)BirthMike Conway, British racing driver
August 19th, 1982 (August 19 1982)BirthErika Christensen, American actress
August 19th, 1982 (August 19 1982)BirthJ. J. Hardy, American baseball player
August 19th, 1982 (August 19 1982)DeathAugust Neo, Estonian wrestler (born in 1908)
August 19th, 1981 (August 19 1981)EventGulf of Sidra Incident: United States fighters intercept and shoot down two Libyan Sukhoi Su-22 fighter jets over the Gulf of Sidra.
August 19th, 1981 (August 19 1981)DeathJessie Matthews, English actress (born in 1907)
August 19th, 1980 (August 19 1980)EventSaudia Flight 163, a Lockheed L-1011 TriStar burns after making an emergency landing at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, killing 301 people.
August 19th, 1980 (August 19 1980)BirthJun Jin, Korean rapper (Shinhwa)
August 19th, 1980 (August 19 1980)BirthDarius Danesh, Scottish singer-songwriter & actor
August 19th, 1980 (August 19 1980)BirthPaul Parry, Welsh footballer
August 19th, 1980 (August 19 1980)BirthMichael Todd, American musician (Coheed and Cambria)
August 19th, 1980 (August 19 1980)DeathOtto Frank, father of Anne Frank (born in 1889)Anne Frank Quotes
August 19th, 1979 (August 19 1979)BirthDave Douglas, American musician (Relient K)
August 19th, 1979 (August 19 1979)BirthOumar Konde, Swiss footballer
August 19th, 1979 (August 19 1979)DeathDorsey Burnette, American singer (born in 1932)
August 19th, 1978 (August 19 1978)BirthChris Capuano, American baseball player
August 19th, 1977 (August 19 1977)BirthIban Mayo, Spanish cyclist
August 19th, 1977 (August 19 1977)DeathGroucho Marx, American comedian and actor (born in 1890)Groucho Marx Quotes
August 19th, 1976 (August 19 1976)DeathAlastair Sim, Scottish actor and rector of Edinburgh University (born in 1900)
August 19th, 1975 (August 19 1975)EventThe cricket test match between England and Australia is called off after the pitch is vandalised by supporters of George Davis.
August 19th, 1975 (August 19 1975)BirthChynna Clugston, American comic book creator
August 19th, 1975 (August 19 1975)BirthTracie Thoms, American actress
August 19th, 1975 (August 19 1975)DeathMark Donohue, American race car driver and engineer (b.1937)
August 19th, 1975 (August 19 1975)DeathJim Londos, wrestler (born in 1897)
August 19th, 1973 (August 19 1973)BirthMette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway
August 19th, 1973 (August 19 1973)BirthCallum Blue, British actor
August 19th, 1973 (August 19 1973)BirthMarco Materazzi, Italian footballer
August 19th, 1973 (August 19 1973)BirthLilian Garcia, wrestling announcer
August 19th, 1972 (August 19 1972)BirthRoberto Abbondanzieri, Argentine footballer
August 19th, 1972 (August 19 1972)BirthSammi Cheng Sau Man, Hong Kong singer and actress
August 19th, 1972 (August 19 1972)BirthChihiro Yonekura, Japanese singer
August 19th, 1971 (August 19 1971)BirthJoao Vieira Pinto, Portuguese football player
August 19th, 1970 (August 19 1970)BirthFat Joe, American rapper
August 19th, 1970 (August 19 1970)DeathPawel Jasienica, Polish historian (born in 1909)
August 19th, 1969 (August 19 1969)BirthNate Dogg, American rapper
August 19th, 1969 (August 19 1969)BirthKirk Herbstreit, American football analyst (College GameDay)
August 19th, 1969 (August 19 1969)BirthEmigdio Preciado, Hispanic fugitive on FBI s Most Wanted list
August 19th, 1969 (August 19 1969)BirthPaula Jai Parker, American actress
August 19th, 1969 (August 19 1969)BirthMatthew Perry, American actor
August 19th, 1969 (August 19 1969)BirthKazuyoshi Tatsunami, Japanese baseball player
August 19th, 1969 (August 19 1969)BirthPatrick Van Horn, American actor
August 19th, 1969 (August 19 1969)BirthClay Walker, American singer
August 19th, 1969 (August 19 1969)DeathLudwig Mies van der Rohe, German architect (born in 1886)Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Quotes
August 19th, 1968 (August 19 1968)BirthNikolaos Kaklamanakis, Greek windsurfer
August 19th, 1968 (August 19 1968)BirthMark McGuinn, country music singer
August 19th, 1968 (August 19 1968)DeathGeorge Gamow, Ukrainian-born physicist (born in 1904)
August 19th, 1967 (August 19 1967)DeathHugo Gernsback, Luxembourg-born editor and publisher (born in 1884)
August 19th, 1966 (August 19 1966)BirthLee Ann Womack, American musician
August 19th, 1965 (August 19 1965)EventJapanese prime minister Eisaku Sato becomes the first post-World War II sitting prime minister to visit Okinawa.
August 19th, 1965 (August 19 1965)BirthKyra Sedgwick, American actress
August 19th, 1965 (August 19 1965)BirthKevin Dillon, American actor
August 19th, 1965 (August 19 1965)BirthMaria de Medeiros, Portuguese actress and director
August 19th, 1963 (August 19 1963)BirthJohn Stamos, American actor
August 19th, 1963 (August 19 1963)BirthYip Sai Wing, Hong Kong musician (Beyond)
August 19th, 1963 (August 19 1963)BirthJoey Tempest, Swedish singer (Europe)
August 19th, 1963 (August 19 1963)DeathKathleen Parlow, Canadian violinist (born in 1890)
August 19th, 1962 (August 19 1962)BirthTammy Bruce, American political commentator
August 19th, 1962 (August 19 1962)BirthValerie Kaprisky, French actress
August 19th, 1961 (August 19 1961)BirthJonathan Coe, British author
August 19th, 1960 (August 19 1960)EventCold War: In Moscow, downed American U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers is sentenced to ten years imprisonment by the Soviet Union for espionage.
August 19th, 1960 (August 19 1960)EventSputnik program: Sputnik The Soviet Union launches the satellite with the dogs Belka and Strelka, 40 mice, 2 rats and a variety of plants.
August 19th, 1960 (August 19 1960)BirthMorten Andersen, American football player
August 19th, 1960 (August 19 1960)BirthAntonio Banderas, Spanish actor
August 19th, 1959 (August 19 1959)BirthSusan Cummings, Monegasque-born American heiress and convicted murderer
August 19th, 1959 (August 19 1959)DeathJacob Epstein, American-born sculptor (born in 1880)
August 19th, 1959 (August 19 1959)DeathBlind Willie McTell, American blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist (born in 1901)
August 19th, 1958 (August 19 1958)BirthAnthony Munoz, American football player
August 19th, 1958 (August 19 1958)BirthGary Gaetti, American baseball player
August 19th, 1958 (August 19 1958)BirthBrendan Nelson, Australian politician
August 19th, 1957 (August 19 1957)BirthLi-Young Lee, Indonesia-born American poet
August 19th, 1957 (August 19 1957)BirthChristine Soetewey, Belgian high jumper
August 19th, 1957 (August 19 1957)DeathDavid Bomberg, English painter (born in 1890)
August 19th, 1957 (August 19 1957)DeathCarl-Gustaf Rossby, Swedish meteorologist (born in 1898)
August 19th, 1956 (August 19 1956)BirthAdam Arkin, American actor
August 19th, 1955 (August 19 1955)EventIn the Northeast United States, severe flooding caused by Hurricane Diane, claims 200 lives.
August 19th, 1955 (August 19 1955)BirthPeter Gallagher, American actor Gallagher Quotes
August 19th, 1955 (August 19 1955)BirthNed Yost, American baseball player and manager
August 19th, 1954 (August 19 1954)BirthOscar Larrauri, Argentine racing driver
August 19th, 1954 (August 19 1954)DeathAlcide De Gasperi, Prime Minister of Italy (born in 1881)
August 19th, 1953 (August 19 1953)EventCold War: The CIA helps to overthrow the government of Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran and reinstate the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.
August 19th, 1953 (August 19 1953)BirthNanni Moretti, Italian film actor, director and producer
August 19th, 1953 (August 19 1953)BirthMary Matalin, American political consultant
August 19th, 1952 (August 19 1952)BirthJonathan Frakes, American actor and director
August 19th, 1951 (August 19 1951)BirthJohn Deacon, English musician (Queen)
August 19th, 1951 (August 19 1951)BirthGustavo Santaolalla, Argentine film composer
August 19th, 1950 (August 19 1950)BirthJennie Bond, British journalist
August 19th, 1950 (August 19 1950)DeathGiovanni Giorgi, Italian physicist (born in 1871)
August 19th, 1948 (August 19 1948)BirthGerald McRaney, American actor
August 19th, 1948 (August 19 1948)BirthTipper Gore, Second Lady of the United States
August 19th, 1947 (August 19 1947)BirthDave Dutton, English actor
August 19th, 1947 (August 19 1947)BirthTerry Hoeppner, American football coach (died in 2007)
August 19th, 1947 (August 19 1947)BirthGerard Schwarz, American conductor
August 19th, 1946 (August 19 1946)BirthBill Clinton, Former American presidentBill Clinton Quotes
August 19th, 1946 (August 19 1946)BirthBeat Raaflaub, Swiss conductor
August 19th, 1946 (August 19 1946)BirthDawn Steel, American film producer (died in 1997)
August 19th, 1945 (August 19 1945)EventVietnam War: Viet Minh led by Ho Chi Minh take power in Hanoi, Vietnam.
August 19th, 1945 (August 19 1945)BirthIan Gillan, English singer (Deep Purple)
August 19th, 1945 (August 19 1945)DeathTomas Burgos, Chilean philanthropist (b.1875)
August 19th, 1944 (August 19 1944)EventWorld War II: Liberation of ParisParis rises against German occupation with the help of Allied troops.
August 19th, 1944 (August 19 1944)BirthBuzz Kilman, Chicago radio personality
August 19th, 1944 (August 19 1944)BirthBodil Malmsten, Swedish writer
August 19th, 1944 (August 19 1944)BirthCharles Wang, Chinese-born philanthropistAn Wang Quotes
August 19th, 1944 (August 19 1944)DeathGunther von Kluge, German field marshal (born in 1882)Gunther von Kluge Quotes
August 19th, 1943 (August 19 1943)BirthBilly J. Kramer, British singer
August 19th, 1942 (August 19 1942)EventWorld War II: Operation JubileeThe 2nd Canadian Infantry Division leads an allied forces amphibious assault on Dieppe, France.
August 19th, 1942 (August 19 1942)BirthFred Thompson, American politician and actor
August 19th, 1940 (August 19 1940)BirthJohnny Nash, American singer-songwriter
August 19th, 1940 (August 19 1940)BirthJill St. John, American actress
August 19th, 1939 (August 19 1939)BirthGinger Baker, English drummer (Cream)
August 19th, 1938 (August 19 1938)BirthDiana Muldaur, American actress
August 19th, 1936 (August 19 1936)DeathFederico Garcia Lorca, Spanish author (born in 1898)Federico Garcia Lorca Quotes
August 19th, 1935 (August 19 1935)BirthBobby Richardson, American baseball player
August 19th, 1934 (August 19 1934)EventThe first All-American Soap Box Derby is held in Dayton, Ohio.
August 19th, 1934 (August 19 1934)EventThe creation of the position Fuhrer approved by the German electorate with 89.9% of the popular vote.
August 19th, 1934 (August 19 1934)BirthRenee Richards, American physician
August 19th, 1931 (August 19 1931)BirthWillie Shoemaker, American jockey (died in 2003)
August 19th, 1930 (August 19 1930)BirthFrank McCourt, Irish-American author
August 19th, 1929 (August 19 1929)DeathSergei Diaghilev, Russian ballet impresario (born in 1872)
August 19th, 1928 (August 19 1928)BirthBernard Levin, English journalist, author, and broadcaster (died in 2004)
August 19th, 1928 (August 19 1928)BirthNorman Brooks, Canadian singer (died in 2006)
August 19th, 1927 (August 19 1927)EventMetropolitan Sergius proclaimed the declaration of loyalty of the Russian Orthodox Church to the Soviet state.
August 19th, 1926 (August 19 1926)BirthArthur Rock, American venture capitalist
August 19th, 1925 (August 19 1925)BirthClaude Gauvreau, Canadian playwright (died in 1971)
August 19th, 1923 (August 19 1923)DeathVilfredo Pareto, Italian sociologist and economist (born in 1845)
August 19th, 1921 (August 19 1921)BirthGene Roddenberry, American television producer (died in 1991)Gene Roddenberry Quotes
August 19th, 1919 (August 19 1919)EventAfghanistan gains full independence from the United Kingdom.
August 19th, 1919 (August 19 1919)BirthMalcolm Forbes, American publisher (died in 1990)Malcolm Forbes Quotes
August 19th, 1915 (August 19 1915)EventWorld War I: The Battle of Van begins
August 19th, 1915 (August 19 1915)BirthRing Lardner Jr, American journalist and screenwriter (died in 2000)Ring Lardner Quotes
August 19th, 1915 (August 19 1915)BirthAlfred Rouleau, French Canadian businessman and administrator (Desjardins Group) (died in 1985)
August 19th, 1914 (August 19 1914)BirthLajos Baroti, Hungarian footballer (died in 2005)
August 19th, 1914 (August 19 1914)DeathFranz Xavier Wernz, German Superior General of the Society of Jesus (born in 1844)
August 19th, 1913 (August 19 1913)BirthRichard Simmons, American actor (died in 2003)
August 19th, 1913 (August 19 1913)BirthJohn Argyris, Greek aeronautical engineer, one of the creators of the Finite Element Method (died in 2004)
August 19th, 1912 (August 19 1912)BirthAustin Dobson, British racing driver (died in 1963)
August 19th, 1907 (August 19 1907)BirthThruston B. Morton, American politician (died in 1982)
August 19th, 1906 (August 19 1906)BirthPhilo Farnsworth, American inventor (died in 1971) Philo Quotes
August 19th, 1903 (August 19 1903)BirthJames Gould Cozzens, American novelist (died in 1978)
August 19th, 1902 (August 19 1902)BirthOgden Nash, American poet (died in 1971)
August 19th, 1902 (August 19 1902)BirthJ. B. L. Reyes, Filipino jurist (died in 1994)
August 19th, 1900 (August 19 1900)BirthGilbert Ryle, British philosopher (died in 1976)Gilbert Ryle Quotes
August 19th, 1900 (August 19 1900)DeathJean-Baptiste Accolay, Belgian composer (born in 1833)
August 19th, 1899 (August 19 1899)BirthCharlie Hall, English comedian actor (died in 1959)
August 19th, 1896 (August 19 1896)BirthOlga Baclanova, Russian-born actress (died in 1974)
August 19th, 1895 (August 19 1895)EventAmerican frontier murderer and outlaw, John Wesley Hardin, is killed by an off-duty policeman in a saloon in El Paso, Texas.John Wesley Quotes
August 19th, 1895 (August 19 1895)DeathJohn Wesley Hardin, American gunfighter (born in 1853)John Wesley Quotes
August 19th, 1892 (August 19 1892)BirthAlfred Lunt, American actor (died in 1977)
August 19th, 1889 (August 19 1889)DeathAuguste Villiers de l Isle-Adam, French writer (born in 1838)
August 19th, 1883 (August 19 1883)BirthJose Mendes Cabecadas, 95th Prime Minister of Portugal and 9th President of Portugal (died in 1965)
August 19th, 1883 (August 19 1883)BirthCoco Chanel, French clothing designer (died in 1971)
August 19th, 1883 (August 19 1883)BirthElsie Ferguson, American film actress (died in 1961)
August 19th, 1883 (August 19 1883)DeathJeremiah S. Black, American statesman (born in 1810)
August 19th, 1881 (August 19 1881)BirthGeorge Enescu, Romanian composer (died in 1955)
August 19th, 1878 (August 19 1878)BirthManuel Quezon, President of the Philippines (died in 1944)
August 19th, 1875 (August 19 1875)BirthStjepan Seljan, Croatian explorer (died in 1936)
August 19th, 1871 (August 19 1871)BirthOrville Wright, American aviation pioneer (died in 1948)
August 19th, 1870 (August 19 1870)BirthBernard Baruch, American financier (died in 1965)Bernard Baruch Quotes
August 19th, 1862 (August 19 1862)EventIndian Wars: During an uprising in Minnesota, Lakota warriors decide not to attack heavily-defended Fort Ridgely and instead turn to the settlement of New Ulm, killing white settlers along the way.
August 19th, 1853 (August 19 1853)BirthAleksei Brusilov, Russian general (died in 1926)
August 19th, 1848 (August 19 1848)EventCalifornia Gold Rush: The New York Herald breaks the news to the East Coast of the United States of the gold rush in California (although the rush started in January).
August 19th, 1848 (August 19 1848)BirthGustave Caillebotte, French Painter (died in 1894)
August 19th, 1846 (August 19 1846)BirthLuis Martin, Spanish Superior-General of the Society of Jesus (died in 1906)
August 19th, 1839 (August 19 1839)EventPresentation of Jacque Daguerre s new photographic process to the French Academy of Sciences.
August 19th, 1822 (August 19 1822)DeathJean Baptiste Joseph Delambre, French mathematician (born in 1749)
August 19th, 1819 (August 19 1819)DeathJames Watt, Scottish inventor (born in 1736)
August 19th, 1813 (August 19 1813)EventGervasio Antonio de Posadas joins Argentina s second triumvirate.
August 19th, 1812 (August 19 1812)EventWar of 1812: American frigate USS Constitution defeats the British frigate HMS Guerriere off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada earning her nickname "Old Ironsides".
August 19th, 1782 (August 19 1782)EventAmerican Revolutionary War: Battle of Blue LicksThe last major engagement of the war, almost ten months after the surrender of the British commander Lord Cornwallis following the Siege of Yorktown.
August 19th, 1772 (August 19 1772)EventGustavus III of Sweden stages a Coup d etat, in which he assumes power and enacts a new constitution that divides power between the Riksdag and the King.
August 19th, 1768 (August 19 1768)EventSaint Isaac s Cathedral is founded in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
August 19th, 1753 (August 19 1753)DeathBalthasar Neumann, German architect (born in 1687)
August 19th, 1745 (August 19 1745)EventJacobite Rising, Prince Charles Edward Stuart lands from a French warship in Glenfinnan, raises his standard and marches on Londonthe start of the Second Jacobite Rebellion known as "the 45".
August 19th, 1743 (August 19 1743)BirthMadame du Barry, French courtesan (died in 1793)
August 19th, 1711 (August 19 1711)BirthEdward Boscawen, British admiral (died in 1761)
August 19th, 1692 (August 19 1692)EventSalem witch trials: In Salem, Massachusetts, Province of Massachusetts Bay five people, one woman and four men, including a clergyman, are executed after being convicted of witchcraft.
August 19th, 1689 (August 19 1689)BirthSamuel Richardson, English writer (died in 1761)Samuel Richardson Quotes
August 19th, 1686 (August 19 1686)BirthEustace Budgell, English writer (died in 1737)
August 19th, 1686 (August 19 1686)BirthNicola Porpora, Italian composer (died in 1768)
August 19th, 1680 (August 19 1680)DeathJean Eudes, French catholic priest, founder of the Eudists (born in 1601)
August 19th, 1662 (August 19 1662)DeathBlaise Pascal, French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher (born in 1623)Blaise Pascal Quotes
August 19th, 1646 (August 19 1646)BirthJohn Flamsteed, English astronomer (died in 1719)
August 19th, 1646 (August 19 1646)DeathAlexander Henderson, Scottish theologian
August 19th, 1631 (August 19 1631)BirthJohn Dryden, English poet (died in 1700)
August 19th, 1621 (August 19 1621)BirthGerbrand van den Eeckhout, Dutch painter (died in 1674)
August 19th, 1596 (August 19 1596)BirthElizabeth Stuart, Electress Palatine and Queen of Bohemia (died in 1662)
August 19th, 1590 (August 19 1590)BirthHenry Rich, 1st Earl of Holland, English soldier (died in 1649)
August 19th, 1580 (August 19 1580)DeathAndrea Palladio, Italian architect (born in 1508)
August 19th, 1561 (August 19 1561)EventAn 18-year-old Mary Queen of Scots returns to Scotland, after spending 13 years in France.
August 19th, 1557 (August 19 1557)BirthFrederick I, Duke of Wurttemberg (died in 1608)
August 19th, 1504 (August 19 1504)EventBattle of Knockdoe.
August 19th, 1493 (August 19 1493)DeathFrederick III, Holy Roman Emperor (born in 1415)
August 19th, 1398 (August 19 1398)BirthMarques de Santillana, Spanish poet (died in 1458)
August 19th, 1342 (August 19 1342)BirthKatharine of Bohemia, Duchess of Bavaria (died in 1395)
August 19th, 1297 (August 19 1297)DeathSaint Louis of Toulouse, French Catholic bishop (born in 1274)
August 19th, 1284 (August 19 1284)DeathAlphonso, Earl of Chester, son of Edward I of England (born in 1273)
August 19th, 1245 (August 19 1245)DeathRamon Berenguer IV, Count of Provence (born in 1195)
August 19th, 1186 (August 19 1186)DeathGeoffrey II, Duke of Brittany (born in 1158)

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